The Usenet Articles, J - Z

Problem of determining missing data for level payment loans Loan calculation (base)

Loan calculation

Variational problem with non-holonomic constraint
--The correction almost entirely replaces an earlier version (which is not in this list and which had some notational problems).
Nonholonomic constraint (corrected)
Quadrature solution of a second order ODE with independent variable absent ODE, second order (base)

ODE, second order (supplement)
Problem of determining if ellipses overlap Overlapping ellipses
Solution of the second order linear ODE by quadrature Quadrature solution
Importation and exportation of quantifiers Quantifier placement
Second degree, two dimensional Least Squares Regression Second degree, 2 dim. LSR
Reversion of n dimensional power series Series reversion
Problem of maximizing the ratio of two functionals
--The corrected version plugs a hole in the first version posted. About half of the material in the first version is relevant to the corrected approach (and hence the two must be read together).
Variational problem (base)

Variational problem (correction)



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