The Usenet Articles, A - I

Change of coordinates to transform a specified plane into the X_3=0 plane Change of coordinates
Integration of x->f(g(x)) Change of Variable, alternate form
Problem of developing the coefficients of a conic from five member points
--The correction fixes a minor typo in one of the formulae.
Conics (base)

Conics (correction)
Derived wave problem Derived waves
A solution of div(B) = 0
--A nearly identical article was prior posted with the error that "anticurl" was mis-written as "antigrad". The posting with the error is not listed here since it is replaced and obsoleted by the correction.
div(B)=0 (corrected)
Extremal type for n-dimensional functions Extremal Type
Functional equations discussion Functional equations (base)

Functional equations (correction)
Internal Rate of Return IRR (base)

IRR (supplement)
Isoperimetric problem - Variational calculation with specified interior values Isoperimetric Problem

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