This site is a collection of articles I've published on the Internet dealing with mathematics and logic. Topics covered are from the world of old-fashioned (classical) mathematics, with an emphasis on variational calculus. As time goes by, I hope to enlarge the collection and finally dig into the work backed up and awaiting typesetting.

There are various problems and issues when publishing via the Usenet so Web publishing will be the preferred mode for future articles. If looking at one of my Usenet articles, it is best to check the table of contents below for clarifications and corrections -- about half the articles have had to be supplemented in some fashion.

For some of my Usenet articles, local copies have been placed on this Web site for the sake of better indexing and centralization. To stay current with evolving ideas about Internet privacy, the names and addresses of other Usenet posters have been removed from the local copies. Although this solves the privacy issue, it does neglect the other contributors (mostly the original posters). To find the other contributors, there is usually recourse to the archives. Other minor edits have been applied to the local copies as appropriate.

Contact Information

Most of my Usenet articles were signed with ziskind@ntplx.net (there were two signed ziskind@cshore.com). The current contact information is:

David Ziskind

Physical location: Marlborough, CT (Hartford, Connecticut area)

The Usenet Articles, A - I
The Usenet Articles, J - Z
Limit Sum Theorem (Without Axiom of Choice)
Life on the Ark
Three Surface Intersection Problem

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